ACT II  – Theatre Magazine
Bilingual, bimonthly, digital edition

Writers and columnists are artists, active in the field of theatre and performing arts.

Editorial Board: Andreas G. Andreou, Alexandros Lavranos, Greg Liakopoulos, Manolis Manousakis, Angeliki Poulou, Prodromos Tsinikoris, Giorgos Valais, Ioanna Valsamidou, Io Voulgaraki

Art Direction & Artworks: Sakis Stritsidis

International Columnists: Nada Gambier, Mark Etchells

Youth Columnists 16-23 years old: Dimitra Theodoropoulou, Maria Seiragaki

Revision of Greek Edition: Evangelia Charalambous

Translation & Revision of English Edition: Andreas G. Andreou, Katerina Christodoulidou

Collaboration in Translation: Stella Rapti

Web Design & Development: Thodoris Vlantousis

Publication: Electropera.tors | Ioanna Valsamidou

First Edition: 27 March 2021, World Theatre Day

With the financial support of the Greek Ministry of Culture & Sports